H O L L I S T E R,   C A
Specializing  in Family and Children Portraiture

You deserve beautiful
portraits of the ones you love.

Photography of your loved ones is what brought you to me. Let me help guide you in deciding what you are going to do with your portraits.


At Marisa Duran Photography we want to start by thinking where and how these images are going to be displayed in your home.  Are we aiming to tell more a story in an album or make a statement with some family wall art over the fireplace?

 We Begin With
The End In Mind


The Experience

In-Home Style Consultation 

This is your planning session to design and discuss all the details of your photoshoot!  Tell me about your family! We'll chat about makeup, wardrobe, and location options.

Portrait Session

It's photo session day! We've done all the planning and prep so once it's time for your photoshoot, you've got one job - focus on your family!

The Reveal

& Wall Art Designs

We believe in the value of visible and tangible photographic art. One week after your session, we will view the "best of" your photoshoot. We will help you design and select your photographic art from our line of professional quality products.

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