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Modern School Portraits

Letter to Directors

Hi, my name is Marisa! I’ve been photographing kids for more than a decade - before I even had kids of my own! I fell in love with photographing kids during my work as an infant toddler teacher. As a full-time caregiver, I got to see a lot of children's firsts - first crawling, first walking, first words, etc. It was part of my job to take photos and document what parents weren't able to see while their kids were with us during the day. I spent lots of my day with a camera in-hand, and I really can't begin to tell you how important photography is in documenting children’s lives in moments that would never come again.


This is not your
typical school portrait.

Marisa Duran Photography's school portraiture is stylish and modern. Our studio offers a professional line of quality products, lovely enough for the families in your school to hang in their home alongside their other family photographs. 


How Is Our Studio
Different Than Others?


A Boutique Approach

Most high volume school photography companies hire any type of photographer - not necessarily ones that specialize in working with children. These photographers are required to photograph the children under very specific guidelines set forth by the company. They are required to photograph them in an assembly line fashion, from a uniform distance, and most sadly, under an often stressful time crunch.

Marisa specializes in working efficiently, but not in a rushed manner. Some children are ready from the get-go, while others need a few extra minutes to warm up to the camera.  Marisa does not use a one-size-fits-all approach to photograph each child. She tailors her approach with the personality and age of each child in mind.

She also provides an average of three photos for parents to choose from instead of just one, which allows for children to show a little more of themselves, as well as getting that lovely yearbook style photo.


Our school portrait backgrounds are simple, modern, and neutral. These neutral colors allow for your children to be the focus of the photograph - no distracting backgrounds, props, or dated graphics.



A unique aspect of our studio school portraits is that we offer families the choice of either color or black and white.


Customer Service

As a local photographer, Marisa partners with professional photography labs to provide high quality products for the families of your school.

Questions or concerns regarding photos and services are resolved to the best of our ability!



Unlike large chain companies, Marisa is the photographer that will photograph your students, so you already know who you are working with. She gets to see many of the same children from year to year, and it's this familiarity which allows children to be comfortable being photographed by her time and time again.

This is Mike. He regularly assists Marisa on photo day.

School portrait backgrounds are simple modern and neutral. These neutral colors allow for your children to be the center and only focus of the picture. Not distraction by background props or affects.


Kimmy Giles, Parent

I love having the boys’ school pictures done with Marisa because it’s in a much more relaxed environment, where they feel comfortable and at ease, not just because it’s a quiet studio environment, but because you put them at ease and personalize the session to meet each child where they are at. This allows them to open up and relax, and the pictures come out genuine and not awkward as they otherwise would in a quick, fast, and crowded setting.  

Shelby Duran, Parent

I just wanted to say I absolutely love how Olivia’s canvas turned out. The quality is definitely money well spent, I had to order another for Ava’s school photo. I always look forward to you capturing the absolute best candid photos!

Christina Casteneda, Director

Marisa Duran is amazing! We've had a business relationship for a few years and there is no other photographer I would trust with my students. Marisa is kind, warm, fun, silly, and friendly. She is part of our preschool family! She has a very unique way of  making each child feel comfortable and, most importantly, themselves! She gains the kids' trust and puts them at ease, making each of her shots simply beautiful!

Book Your School Portrait Day

Form takes a few minutes to complete.  May need access to school logo.

School Boutique Pricing

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