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Your Portraits Will Say So Much More with So Much Less

Updated: Feb 8

How Simple Backdrops Make Your Family Standout

Mother, Father, newborn

Focusing on you and your family at whatever stage you are in your life is always what matters most to me.

I do that in several ways:

  1. We plan out styling (including wardrobe and makeup) ahead of time so that there are a couple less things for you to worry about.

  2. I don't want you to worry about how to stand, or how your hair is falling over your face so I watch out for those things. I make sure to guide you and take care of things you may worry about so that you can just love that family of yours.

  3. Aaaaaaand I create a space for babies and families that lets us make you and your family take center stage.

Mama, Dad holding newborn

Being in the studio is an intimate environment from the get go. Being in a private space for your portrait session means that you and your family have the place to yourself - you know, with me there too.

Between that privacy and a space that is set up for your family to hang out together we are making a place for your family to shine.

Laughter, smiles, especially small smiles, are the most pronounced when there is little to nothing else in the frame but your family.

Expressions and feelings don't get lost because there is nothing to take us away from the moment you and your family are having.

⁠Keeping backdrops modern and minimal, just like the wardrobes choices that I recommend, don't compete for our attention and our eyes go right where we want them to. Straight to the ones you love.

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