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Why Winter Sessions Are Perfect For Busy Families

Updated: Jan 30

Parents and daughters

I keep seeing all these t-shirts that say, “Be Kind.” I understand the intention is to be kind to others but this phrase also reminds me to be kind to ourselves. Some of us are still recovering from the last couple of months of holiday craze.

January is giving us a little time to breathe. In our family, we are in this window of time when school schedules are pretty predictable and our weekends are ours again for now.

We are still working on our deep cleaning, which we usually do the week between Christmas and New years but didn’t get to.

This year ended up being an especially challenging one when it came to the holidays.

So many families I know, including ours, were hit hard by the flu and colds over the last couple of months. I think that made this year an especially challenging one when it came to the holidays.

We were just not feeling well pretty much from November through January. We had to let some things on our holiday check-list go, specifically ice skating, one the girls' very favorite things to do.

It’s so important that everyone in the family has the energy and just general capacity to participate when it comes to being able to feel good enough to smile in front of a camera.

This little peaceful window of time that is Winter is still a really good chance to have family portraits taken particularly if the holiday hustle made it impossible.

Scheduling your sessions when life is even just a tiny bit slower paced is a really nice way to approach the whole experience.

Smiles like these come so much more naturally when everyone is feeling good.

Girl with long skirt

Take Weather Out Of The Equation

Studio photography eliminates so many of the things that can be cause for worry when it comes to planning a photography session.

Will it be raining? Windy? Muddy? Cold? Dark? All of these questions used to have me checking the forecast every day the week before someone’s session every winter. Now that I have a cozy, private studio, I only check the weather to decide whether I can wear my beanie or not.

The weather outside is pretty much irrelevant to your studio session, which is pretty awesome.

Whether it’s 38 degrees or 98, you can wear a strappy, flowy, dress or a long-sleeved black turtleneck and wool pants. You’ll be comfortable inside.

Girl with flowy dress

Don't let the weather decide how you want to dress for your session, winter or not.


If you are interested in learning more about scheduling a session, give me a call. I’d love to chat!

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