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Why Every Family Needs a Full Service Photographer


It’s not only that parents are busy. I mean, I think we parents juggle "busy" all year with "less busy" being the calmest of times. No matter the time of year, prioritizing family and time spent with them is the goal.

As a photographer, I know it's part of my job to help guide parents through decisions and to-do list type jobs all in an effort to ease a little of that busyness we call feel.

Take and Bake Pizza Versus Dinner at Shadowbrook

Consider for a moment what you are expecting from fast food versus going out to a good restaurant to eat. Maybe when you are going out to your favorite sit down restaurant you can expect the server to ask you what you want, to help you if you need anything, offer suggestions and recommendations regarding menu items. Maybe you expect the server to also check on you after you have tasted your meal and so on.

Good service to me means guiding and checking in with you at each step in the process. For me it starts with the planning stage.

Being Your Planning and Prep Team

Every family event needs a little planning. The more important the event the more experts, specialists, and coordinators we tend to get help from.

Weddings, quincenearas, anniversaries and birthdays are all so special but I would like to argue so is your family right as they are today. I treat family photography with the same planning and prep that I do a wedding.

Part of that prep is deciding what to wear. Are these photos going to be formal? casual? Muted? Colorful? Having a second opinion or simply taking me take a look at what your family is going to wear for your family session is one way to complete a big step of prepping.

The best part of planning out your wardrobe early is this takes away any need for last minute shopping or day before back-to-back clothing changes trying things on.

Expertise and Experience

I imagine parents hire photographers for lots of reasons.

Parents have told me they come to me for my experience and that they like the way my pictures look.

Creating images that look the way they do consistently is in part done by me talking and helping families into the best poses and positions during our time together.

And in the end when it comes to wall art, matted prints, framed art I can offer insight into helping you choose the best sizes, arrangements and styles of art to best suit your home.

Be With You Until The End


Remember that lovely dinner out I was talking about earlier, what if after the server took your order they brought you all your food out with instructions on how to cook it yourself?!

Asking you to print your own digital files feels a little like that to me. Consumer print labs do not process digital files to the same high standards as professional print labs. Why when it comes to the whole reason you came to me - for photos - would I leave you to do that part on your own?

You came to me for photography so helping you through until your final photography is on your walls or in your hands is a big part of that process.

If you are interested in learning more about my photography services or the products I offer give me a call! Let's chat!

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