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What to Wear

How you feel in your clothing is just as important as what you wear to your family photography session.

It's important for everyone to feel like themselves.

The best photography sessions happen when each individual feels good about being there and being always comfortable helps. Dressing in a way that makes you feel confident and like yourself makes all the difference in our time together.

If you regularly wear glasses then you should absolutely wear them in your session.

Layout clothes ahead of time. That includes shoes.

Whether one person is coordinating everyone's outfit or everyone is choosing their own it is a good idea to layout clothing ahead of time if someone in your family is particularly sensitive to texture or is not used to clothing being chosen for them. Getting everything out ahead of time lets them have time to adjust to the idea of what they will be wearing. When someone is still focused on not getting to wear what they want at our session it's really hard to help them feel happy and not think about finishing up so they can change.

Shoes are often overlooked but really important to think about ahead of time. If your child is wearing dress shoes for the first time since Christmas laying them out ahead of time can avoid a last minute reminder to leave their usual shoes at the door.

If we are meeting at a field or trail, its a good idea to bring walking shoes so heels or suede doesn't sink or get stained as we move from place to place.

Feel good, look good!

As much as a coordinated color palette elevates photos, disgruntled or uncomfortable feelings are hard to set aside during a time when we are focusing on expressions. Discomfort can take away from the overall experience and look of your final images.

If your ideal family photograph is your daughter in a dress, late summer is a great time to plan for a family session.

Are we meeting at the beach? Dress in layers. Our beautiful beaches can be chilly year around and shivering bodies want to finish and get warm in the car.

Not giving a second thought to your clothing, is a good way to come to the session so that you can focus on your family and each other.

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