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What to Expect From a Newborn Session | Hollister, CA

I approach everyone in front of my camera with the same expectation - I want you to be yourself, so I can photograph you being uniquely you.

This is absolutely true for newborns too.

Behind the scenes, lots of choices and decisions have been made for what seems like a pretty straightforward idea.

Newborns sessions are a little different because the tiny babies need different things.

Newborn Sessions Only

Newborn sessions are unique from other photography sessions because they center around your beautiful brand new baby that your family is getting to know.

One way I make sure that we respect the tiny human’s needs is to be sure to allow time for feeding or a diaper change as needed. This sometimes means that we take a little break to allow for this.

In the studio, I keep the temperature up for the comfort of your baby. This means slightly warm for us adults but cozy for those little ones as they are changed or kept diapered only.


Simple Aesthetics.

Authenticity in photography is always what matters most to me. I believe that babies deserve the same approach that I aim for with anyone else. I want them to be comfortable and natural just like I want for adults.

I think there is a perfect dignity in a neutral colored background and a blanket wrapped baby. The absence of other decorations lets us focus on that little bundle of love.

Natural Posing.

A baby is perfect just the way they are.

I believe that the best way for me to be respectful of infants is to allow for them to be photographed in the real life ways we care for them. Natural posing is photographing babies in the everyday ways we want to remember. Poses such as laying on their backs or on their tummies and especially in loving arms are genuine .

My most favorite thing about natural posing is that it lets families have moments of connection.

Family Involvement.

Photography, for me, is all about finding the connection between people when they are in front of my camera. For this reason, I always encourage parents and siblings to participate in the session. While it is this beautiful baby that we are pretty much obsessing over, it's super important for me to show that this baby is joining a family. This brand new baby is connected to parents who love and even have dreamed of her or him.

Sometimes, there is an excited sibling or siblings that might literally want to jump in on the pictures. I am so ready to photograph brother(s)/sister(s)! This is the one who they will eventually toddle after and giggle in the back seat of the car with on long drives one day. And here I am! Right at the very start of this lifelong relationship . . . yes, I want to photograph that!

Both the overall look of my newborn photography and the way I pose babies all works together to create a unique image of your littlest loved one.

To book a newborn session follow the button at the of this page.

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