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Wall Art of your Children

We all deserve to be seen.

We deserve a special place to be seen in our homes.

We all deserve to feel cherished by our families and those that love us.

When a child sees a portrait of themselves hanging in their home, I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say it’s a little bit a place of honor. A portrait becomes more than a photograph hanging on your wall. It becomes a reflection of something important that the

family in this home cares about.

I used to work in a nationally accredited preschool on a university campus. The preschool environment was designed according to quality guidelines that aimed to set the standard for a good place for kids grow and learn in.

One specific point of a good environment was that it it should reflect the children who were in that classroom. This can happen in lots of ways. A child's culture can be reflected back at them by the food, clothing, music in the classroom. But one thing that was always present was pictures of the kids were a part of the classroom.

Seeing how valuable this was to the children we took it a step further and had each family

bring a little plastic album of pictures of their families and leave it int the classroom. We saw that those photographs of the kids and their families were important to them as they looked at them over the day. It was a way to get to know the people in their family, and a way to stay connected when they weren't around.

Similarly, in our homes we display our family photography probably because we love to look at pictures of our kids. But whether we mean to or not we convey a important message. We care about this portrait of you.

We value you.

Caring about what your child wears in a portrait, what frame it is displayed in, and where it is placed has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with love. We put effort into and make decisions about a portrait that we will be able to feel delighted with for years to come.

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