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Top 3 things you should know about your photographer

Marisa Duran Photographer in her Hollister, CA studio.

Of course the first thing we look for when choosing a photographer is whether or not we love their photos.

I myself have a few favorite local photographers, each who I love for different reasons beyond their style.

I thought I'd share three things about me that everyone should know about their photographer.


Since 2014, I have given my everything to learn and grow in my photography. Time and just going out there and photographing people has given me an understanding of how to create the best experience for you when it comes to the photoshoot.

All that time taking photos has also gives me more freedom to try new things while maintaining my standards for high quality photography. I can work with any ideas someone comes to me with because I have the experience to try new things and still know how to make it work well.


It's nice to know you can count on someone.

Ever hire someone for a service and then after you set the date you sit around and think, "Well, what's next?"

I'm not talking about contracts and guides, I have those too but what I'm referring to is someone to listen and advise you on how to get the best and most from your photoshoot.

I work in a way that will guide you through your photoshoot from planning to hanging those framed photographs on your walls. We talk wardrobe and location possibilities to wall art design based on the particular style of your home.

Marisa Duran Photographer - 3 things to know about your photographer


I'm not talking about a passion for photography. I think it's safe to say that if you are looking at a photographer that they love taking photos.

I'm talking about my love of making sure you have the most beautiful portraits that you deserve of the ones you love.

I became a full service photographer because I came to love people cherishing their family, kids, etc, in their photos even more than I loved taking them, which is a lot.

It's my experience, professionalism, and heart that have made me the person who hopes to work with you and your family when it comes time for your next family portrait.


To book a photoshoot with Marisa Duran Photography contact her at (831)350-0451.

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