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3 Things To Know About My Approach to Studio Photography

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Before working in a studio, I had spent a total of two times in one. Both times were for my graduation pictures. My experiences were quick and impersonal but overall they were fine.

I had this impression that studio photograph was just not genuine and shied away from it for years. I have photographed families in their homes ever since I started in photography. Over time, I really started to appreciate all the great things about being inside. Not just the comfy temperatures and scheduling appointments with families when it was already dark outside but the ability for families to relax and settle in.

A Relaxed Setting

My studio is an intentionally simple place. I have a relaxed way of working with families. We chat and laugh as we spend time together. My years of experience have taught me to work efficiently, so that I know what I want to photograph and how to get it.

An Authentic Approach

As a photographer, my "go with the flow" attitude and flexibility are like my superpowers! I mean, it's not so great when I need to sit down for the day and email and write invoices, but for photographing people - it's perfect! I love that toddlers sometimes can’t sit still, and I want "slow to warm up" kids to have a little time to get to know me. And, I’ll chat a little to get to know adults who are unsure about the whole process. I love that everyone's personalities are all so different and that I get to photograph maybe just a little bit of that uniqueness.

A Modern Look

My studio aesthetic is modern and minimalistic. This is really important to me. I love using exclusively white or grey backgrounds for my photography because it puts the focus on the people, whom I want to have all the attention!

Subtle expressions, such as pride, surprise, and sweetness have nowhere to get lost. Portrait photography is exactly the kind of images that will be really loved for years to come.

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