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The Gift of Portraiture

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Sometimes the busyness of our day to day lives makes things like the idea of taking family portraits feel overwhelming. The holiday season is filled with fun festivities and it's also filled with extra shopping, extra baking, and extra chores (like cleaning up after those elves in the morning sometimes).

With all the extras we've got going on, the gift of designated time with your family is a tremendous one.

What It's Like To Have A Session With Me When The Family Was Gifted The Session?

This is snippet of the conversations I had with the last family who was gifted a family portrait session with me:

“We are not picture people” - Mom, before the session.

"That was so easy." - Dad, after the session.

“It’s impossible for me to just choose a few.” Mom of family, at viewing.

Because I take a custom approach to each family portrait session, I guide the family through the experience in the way that best fits their family style. Some families want specifics on where to out their hands and other posing tips. Other families come to me and say, we don't expect the kids to all look at once or sit still so we want pictures of them playing.

Every family that I work with has an in home styling consultation. This is my chance to get to know how best to serve them. With a brief planning conversation we can create an experience for the family that makes their portrait session

The Gift of the First Step

The best thing about giving someone you love a portrait session is that you've given them an appointment to spend time with their family!

The next best thing is that they've got me to help with the rest of those steps!

Thinking about what to wear, where to take them, and when to fit them in their schedule can seem like a a very long to do list. Enough of a to do list that can makes portrait sessions something easier to put off then to schedule sometimes. By guiding families throughout the planning and even after, makes things a bit easier.

The Gift Certificate

We can design a custom gift for your loved one of you can choose from a couple of options.

Option 1:

The session fee. Many givers choose this option. The session fee includes an in home consultation with the recipient, a photography session and a print credit. It’s also a part of our immediate conversation at our first meeting that purchasing additional images is the way families an option for the family that may want more of their images that what is included in the print credit.

Option 2:

The second option is to purchase the session and a collection for the recipient. Its a bigger investment and includes more images so the recipient can still choose multiple poses without making purchases.

Gift cards are available at the studio. If you'd like to learn more, please reach out.

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