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Senior Portraits - As Unique As You

Updated: Feb 18

Create senior portraits there as unique as your senior.

There are so many styles of photography to choose from but studio photography is a favorite choice because it can stand out and be as once in a lifetime an experience as senior portraits are.

Think of the studio as a blank canvas where your senior is going to be the focus. The look and feel of their portrait is decided by their style and energy.

The Different Sides OF Your Senior

Images are different simply by creating a space where your High School Senior can be themself.

And if your Senior is worried about how they can “just be yourself” while standing in front of the camera, I want to reassure you so is almost everyone. I like to remind people that they are not standing in front of only the camera as much as they're standing with me! Because we have already chatted at our in home styling consultation, I have had a chance to listen to what your graduates idea are for their portraits.

Having this conversation before session day, people tend to be more comfortable sharing their ideas and telling me to what extent they want me to guide them through poses.

Getting to know me even just this once really helps people know what to expect the day of their session so that we can make some really great images.

Including a little piece of you

What’s important for someone to know about you're child is as a Senior in high school. Are they a Baler athlete? Are they listening to music all the time?

Maybe for your graduate it's not so much an activity as it is a style. Some may describe their style in a way that can light up ideas in us!

These things about you can be real inspiration for your portraits.

Let’s bring those things that are important to you to your portraits!

At a time in your life when your children are constantly looking and planning for their future, it's my job to plan for their past. To make portraits that you can all look back at one day and remember who they were at this point in their lives.

What's Next?

If you have questions or are ready to book an appointment, reach out to me at 831-350-0145 or

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