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My Sessions versus Mini-Sessions

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

My photography sessions, whether they are family, newborn, maternity, studio or on location are all designed to work best for you and your particular family. For that reason, they can vary in time from family to family, or even from session to session, depending on your family.

Most of the time, a session will at most be about an hour long. If a baby needs to stop and eat, then we have the time and freedom to do that!

The best way for me to give everyone I work with their most treasured images is by working with their family’s rhythm.

Yes, we have time for that!

My goals are always the same with every family - memorable and genuine images. Whether we have 15 minutes or an hour together, I make the most of my time - and yours - in whatever amount of time that may be.

Maybe you have a teen that needs some time to learn to trust me and relax a little before we get to get those real smiles. We have the time for that!

Maybe there is a parent that has had a lifetime of not-so-fun picture-taking experiences, making them a little reluctant to be in front of a camera. Luckily for them, I can also work efficiently so that they can relax and focus on their family instead of me. We have the time for that!

Focusing on your family instead of the countdown

Keeping us on track and keeping an eye on the clock is my part of my job. I work to make sure your photography session is your time to focus on your family, and for your family to focus on each other.

Worrying about the time while we are taking photos can be distracting and, even worse, draining! Parents may feel pressured to make sure kids are giving their all from the moment they see me. But without time constraints, everyone has the time to warm up and connect.

Outfit Change

There are some special occasions when people just love to have a wardrobe change!

A milestone birthday or a senior graduation are fun to celebrate by being photographed in something casual, as well as something formal.

What About Minis?

I think of minis as special events.

Mini sessions are brief photography sessions where we work together to capture a few very specific images. Minis are ideal for the holidays, when families are needing that one family portrait for cards, or children's portraits as gifts.

My minis are about 15 minutes long and are set up for your family to get that handful of perfect images. I host my mini sessions back-to-back over the course of a couple of days, usually in November.

And as always if there is something unique your family needs, we can chat to make that happen!

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