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My New Downtown Location

Marisa Duran Photography Studio at 240 5th Street, Hollister, CA. Portrait Studio, family photography studio, newborn photography
240 5th Street, Hollister, CA - Marisa Duran Photography Studio

My new studio is right across the street from my previous location! Luckily, as we are still letting people know about this move, I can just wave at anyone ends up at the old location to come over.

If I had written this post back in November when I was first absolutely sure that I was going to be able to move in this whole post could've been exclamation points and the words, "I'm so happy" and it would've been 100% true.

I'm still just as happy but its so much more than that.

This studio lets me do so much more than with my previous one.

The absolute best thing about this new place is that I can offer you a much more comfy place to come in with your family over the chilly months and the really hot ones in the summer.

Here is a little peek. This is the seating area for your reveal & ordering appointment and of course where we can look over your beautiful albums and prints when they come in.

Doesn't that wall look so empty without a framed portrait? Seriously needs something, right? I'm working on it.

Marisa Duran in studio at her photography studio in Hollister, CA.

To make an appointment for a portrait session contact Marisa at (310)985-4767.

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