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My 3 Favorite Parks in San Benito County For Family Portraits

Boy at Mudstone Ranch Hollister Hills

Underneath the wide blue sky lies our sometimes green but more often than not wheat colored grassy hills. Just lovely.

Some of the best photography locations in our county aren’t necessarily hidden gems. In fact, my three favorite locations for families are all at our local parks!

These three locations have different looks but the one thing they have in common is that they are all parks, with convenient parking and are very easily accessible.

These are my 3 favorite parks in our county but no one place is my absolute favorite. I like all three of these parks for different reasons.

Hudner Hiking Trail

Girl at Hudner Hiking Trail

This trail is technically a part of Hollister Hills park but can be reached directly from Cienega Rd. without going into the gated part of the park.

This location is along a hiking trail. The trail itself is long and steep at times and I confess that I have only huffed and puffed my way to the end once.

Thankfully that little spot that I love to use is right at the beginning of the trail. There are great big trees, sometimes green grasses, sometimes lovely honey colored grasses. Also, when the sun sets just behind the trees there is just really love light. And though this spot isn’t as varied as Historical Park, I love how it looks like we are in a very remote spot in the final images.

Girl at Hudner Hiking Trail

*There is a restroom located in the parking lot. Parking is $8 and the park is open from sunrise to sunset.

Historical Park

Family at Historical Park

This Tres Pinos park is large with grassy areas. Right up against the hills, the sunshine disappears from this park a couple hours sooner than actual sunset so it’s a great spot to meet mid-afternoon with little ones that may not be able to stay up until actual sunset.

With several rebuilt historic buildings, including the saloon and schoolhouse, there are lots of wood faced buildings to serve as the backdrop for your family photos.

Old wood fences and dirt paths are just a few of other spots that make this a great place for your family portraits.

Family at Historical Park

*Restroom at park. Parking is $3 and the park is open from sunrise to sunset.

Mudstone Ranch

Boy at Mudstone Ranch

I love this location for really including the rolling hills of our county into your family portrait. This park, which is also part of Hollister Hills Park, has incredible views of wide open spaces. Most of the time there are long grasses but even if there aren’t there are always pepper trees and great earthy trails.

If you are interested in booking a family session at one of these locations, give me a call. We can talk and figure out what would work best for your family.

Girls at Mudstone Ranch

Senior Portrait at Mudstone Ranch

*There is a restroom located in the parking lot. Parking is $8 and the park is open from sunrise to sunset.

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