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Modern Studio Backdrops

Simple and Modern Backdrop Choices

kids white studio backdrop

In my earlier years as a photographer, I was sometimes worried that my photography didn’t look artistic enough. As trends came, first with light and airy and then with dark and moody, I would wonder if those were the kinds of images I should be creating.

I really appreciate the look of both of those styles and have even created some work in both styles but I have never offered such styles to my family sessions.

With experience and knowledge has also come confidence. As a photographer, new trends will always be on the horizon. What I have learned is that what I love creating the most are portraits. Me and the person in front of my camera. Whether I am in the studio or outdoors, what I am always the most focused on is expression.

I think expressions are the most pronounced when there is little to nothing else in the frame but the you. The most simply designed images that really have you and your family as the main focus of the images is what I live to create.

I think this is why I keep my backdrop options modern and minimal. Simple backgrounds bring you and your family to the forefront of the image. No distracting patterns that can take attention away from where attention should be.

These images look beautiful on a large scale and are the kind of portraits that will still look beautiful for years to come.


Modern, Light, Lovely

Girl on white studio backdrop


Modern, Dramatic, Stunning

Child on gray studio backdrop

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