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Maternity Sessions: For Mamas only or Family too?

Who participates in a maternity session is entirely up to you. ⁠

Not for first time mamas only

A portrait session of you and your about to arrive baby can be just a moment to relax and be thoughtful about this new addition to your family.

Whether you are a first time around mama or not, photographing the very beginning of the relationship between the two of you is really a gift to you and your baby.

⁠Family session for maternity

My photography session fee is the same whether it is a maternity, newborn, or family session because I think your family is connected to your maternity and the arrival of a newborn so they are of course welcome.

If you’re thinking about including your other children or partner . . . please do.

Again, photographing the beginning of your baby’s relationships with each person in their family will be a cherished memory to see one day.

A thought about bringing other littles to your maternity session

Toddlers are the best at showing everything they feel and are always welcome to participate in your maternity session. If the siblings are still very young and you'd like some images of you and your partner alone, I like to suggest bringing another adult who can keep your toddler happy and busy while we spend time together. ⁠

Whether you decide on a maternity session for you exclusively or to have others participate the focus is the same. Us working together to create images to last a lifetime. ⁠

Contact me to book your maternity session.

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