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How will my young children do in the studio?

Oh the little ones! Toddlers have a special place in my heart.

I love that they live in the moment and say what’s on their mind. But when my girls were toddlers, I worried about their attention span for listening and being able to sit still when it was expected of them.

Sitting still and paying attention is not what I expect from toddlers when I photograph them.

In my experience, if your toddler typically likes to run around and is high energy, it is likely that they will run around and have high energy in the studio too. BUT, that’s okay! If a toddler wants to be moving, let’s go with it! Maybe they can show me how high they can jump!

These little breaks from our expectations not only keep things fun but they also help toddlers and preschool-aged kids know that taking pictures can be interesting for them.

With this back and forth we are able to get photos like this . . .

I want children to have an overall positive experience and a good time during our session. My hope is that they continue to love having their picture taken rather than feel like it’s an experience that’s stressful and restraining.

Not all toddlers like to run. Some may be a little more on the wait-and-see what I'm all about type.

When children are a little bit quieter when meeting new people my approach with them will be a little different. I will match their energy. That could be more explaining or maybe taking a break to sing some favorite songs.

To get images like this . . .

An Hour or Less

I work efficiently, and I check in with you as the session progresses to make sure we are getting the images we wanted, and that your toddler is feeling great!

By the end of our session, we will have a selection of images that reflect a little slice of your family’s life, and the tremendousness of toddlerhood. ⁠


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