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Every Portrait Tells A story

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory. – Dr. Seuss

I am often reminded of how one moment can become the start of a story when I go into someone's home and hear the stories behind all the photographs on the wall.

Because when people talk about their family pictures, they don't just say yes, that's me.

They tell the story.

I walked into a friend's parent's house for a birthday party and I stopped to look at these great portraits of her as a kid. She tells me, "Yes, that's me in at my first holy communion at Tres Pinos Church twenty five years ago. That dress was so uncomfortable but I picked it out."

When we make these portraits the intention behind them is pretty straightforward. A family photo to share with family and friends or maybe to mark a special occasion like a birthday or graduation are pretty common reasons we make them.

And we love them because they capture all the things we adore about our families. They show big things, like the connections between us, and little things, like crooked smiles before braces, and things that stay the same, like dimples.

Over time, these pictures are about a time in our lives that will eventually become the start of stories.

What is the story behind the your family portrait? What will your children remember about this day? About this time in their lives?

Knowing that a picture can spark a memory is a big part of why it’s important to me that pictures are made in a way that people can hold in their hands or look at on their walls.

Because it’s when we look at them that we remember things like how we felt, where we were or what we were thinking.

Your family pictures are the start of your family's stories. Let's make the best start to these stories that we can.

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