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Do You Date Your Photos?

Do you ever wish for some little things to be the way they were? It’s just nostalgia, right? I mean, there are some things that aren’t common anymore that I really wish were still part of everyday life. My number one wish for something-the-way-it-used-to-be is hands down when we only had landlines. Leaving the house and not checking social media and every group text that comes through the moment it happens was easier. I miss that.

When I was a kid our pictures had dates on them. Sometimes they were printed on the back of the photo along with the paper type. Sometimes the date was printed on the front in orangish yellow digital style numbers on the front. Do you remember those?

They weren’t the most beautiful part of the picture but they were very helpful, especially for those of us with memories too short to remember what we did last week.

The practical need for some practices doesn't change.

Do you know the one thing parents all ask for with their class photos or group photos? It's always the date.

Who? Where? When? These are all questions that help us remember aspects of the story behind the photo.

The photos that we make for your family are meant to live on for decades.

Part of that long life of your portrait is a certificate of authenticity. This certificate is something I am starting to add to your portraits as a way to beautifully share the important details of your portraits. No orange numbers printed on the front here.

Made using archival paper and adhesive, this certificate is attached to the back of your framed pictures. There is a place for a simple description like names and ages and/or a meaningful sentiment and of course the date.

This part of making portraits is me thinking about your kids’ kids. These are details that help share your family’s story for years to come.

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