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A Photo Album Of Your Loved Ones

Luxurious Velvet Bound Portrait Album

Velvet family photo album

A photo album is a little bit of a treasure isn’t it?

I mean, when I was looking for a photo album to offer through the studio, I went looking for something that could be almost as adored as the photos of the people within it.

I looked for something that I would want. Something that is uniquely beautiful, personalized, and really well made. Albums covered in rich colored leather and soft velvet is important to me because I wanted something that matches how I feel when I look at my families photos within it.

Photo album page

Photo albums have come a long way since I was a kid. My parents used to have photo albums were you could peel back a plastic sheet and place a photo on a sticky page, and then replace the plastic sheet back over it. I loved doing this! You couldn’t move the photos around too much or they wouldn’t stick anymore and you couldn’t open and close the plastic sheet too often or it wouldn’t stay shut anymore. Over time though, they yellowed and would slip within the album.

This album is made with fine art paper, which means it will last and it's so pretty. The images are printed with archival inks so that this will be a book that can be with you family for years and years to come.

Photo album binding

I hope every family has albums and albums of them over a lifetime. It's such a beautiful way to archive your family's history.

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