5 Tips For Choosing Senior Portrait Outfits

Whatever you choose to wear remember to be sure you feel comfortable and great in your clothing. When you feel like yourself and good in your clothes, you can have fun and enjoy this moment!

Styling & Consultation

This is your time to plan, design, and discuss all the details of your portrait session. Tell me what you are hoping to do and the looks you are going to wear during your session. We'll chat about makeup, location options, and of course wardrobe.

For any Senior Session, I recommend choosing up to five looks. You could absolutely choose to wear fewer outfits however, I recommend a couple of changes because it allows for a couple of different looks.

1. You can choose something a little formal or dressy.

If you decide you are going to only wear one look for your Senior Portrait session make it a dressier look. Dressy doesn't only mean dresses. Dress in your own style, but dress up a little, you're graduating and this is absolutely a special occasion.

2. You can choose something comfy or more casual.

Jeans and a t-shirt can be so perfect as one of your looks. A casual look with boots or barefoot in a field or in the studio is perfect!

I think in addition to a dressier look, a casual outfit is great! I would not recommend it as your only look though.

3. You can choose some thing that's just a favorite thing to wear.

How you feel about your clothing is really important to making sure you have great Senior Portraits. If you wear doc martens 24/7, then maybe a picture in them and your favorite outfit would be perfect for one of your wardrobe choices.

Looking for something new to wear for your photography session? Rather than scrolling endlessly online for the perfect thing, I 100% looking locally. There are a few great places in town where you can try something and make sure it looks and feels good. I love Irma's right next door to my studio. Just browse through their window if you're not sure. They have lots of quality seasonal clothing. This dress was a last minute addition and ended up being a favorite.

4. Don't forget to represent your team or hobbies

You could choose something that’s related to one of your hobbies or passions like a recital costume or team uniform. Even something simple like track shoes, can be a really easy addition to your images.

5. And don't forget . . . you're graduating!

Say something about what's next for you! A college sweatshirt is a simple way to be photographed telling your family and friends how you'll be spending the next few years of your life.

The graduation gown. You can wear it open over your dressier outfit or throw it over your shoulder. Not everyone wants to show off their gown; you can bring your cap or tassel and we can incorporate that instead. Again, it's another way to commemorate this milestone in your life.

For my senior photos, I borrowed a friend's dress for one of my looks. When I look back at those photos they don't feel like me because the dress I wore was never my style, but I felt obligated to dress what was trending as nice in '95. My advice? Dress like you!