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3 Reasons Your Family Will Love A Studio Photography Session

1. It’s comfortable.

Sacrificing temporary comforts, like a stool to sit on a rock, may seem like a small price to pay to someone who is super excited about the overall look of the location. I 100% understand when the absolute beauty of the fall leaves is way more important than the chill in the air.

But, for some people, being comfortable can have a bigger impact on your session than you might imagine.

Let’s face it, for some of us feeling physically comfortable will just put us in a better mood. Being overheated makes me cranky and being too cold makes me a little tense. I can’t help it, I grew up with very moderate weather in LA.

The thing is that for photography sessions being content can really set the stage for your session. This is especially true for children and maybe even spouses that may not be as invested in the look of the landscape.

Being comfortable is so important to me that it is the first thing I want people to think about when it comes to choosing their wardrobe.

Not only will body language tell me exactly how everyone is feeling, but people sometimes start to feel an urgency to warm up or move things along quickly to make themselves feel more comfortable again.

2. What you see is what you get

Modern studio photography can be so perfect for family portraits because you know what you can expect in the end.

At a time in our lives when children's routines and busy schedules can sometimes make life a little unpredictable, it's so nice to have things in our lives that turn out exactly as we hope they do.

Having a photography session inside the studio will mean that you get to know exactly how your photography is going to look. When you’re investing so much of your time in your family portraits it’s so reassuring to know that you are going to get something beautiful that you can love for years to come.

3. We can meet at the time that works best for you, not the sun.

Many of us portrait photographers prefer specific conditions when working outside. I love that soft light that we get in the very early morning or right before sunset.

Working in a studio lets me create my own soft light any time of the night or day or night!

This is HUGE for families with napping toddlers.

Having a photography session in the studio lets us choose the best time of day for your family and children, rather than letting it be determined by the height of the sun or as often is the case in Hollister, that strong afternoon wind.

For these reasons, and truly so many more, the families I work with love to come into the studio. Knowing that when you feel good you look your best is the ideal start to making the best images possible.

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